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Successful - with the correct partner at your side

If the topic is textiles, then Fischer GmbH & Co KG is the correct partner at your side since 1899.

We are presenting an outstanding product quality with our production of technical textiles,
leisure-textiles and home textiles, exporting worldwide.

We are covering a wide field for many sorts of textiles. From extrusion-coated non-wovens
for the aircraft- and automobile industry to the textile demand of floristic, camping and garden-textiles.

Technical textiles

Technical textiles, bonded fabrics, extrusion coating, lamination, bonding material, foil lamination, with or without additives such as UV filter, anti-slip, colors, adhesion mediator, flame protection etc. we work particularly as suppliers for the steeling, aviation and automobile industry and many other markets.

Leisure textiles

Textiles for the need within the range of amateur handicrafts, camping, garden and many further targeted applications.

Home textiles

Materials and fabrics particularly for the employment at home.